What I'm Loving Right Now. My Life Playlist.

Paper Goods My current favorite blog is The Ruffly Owl. Dacia is an incredibly talented crafty type with a super keen eye for clean and fresh design. Something I may never have mentioned before is my secret perverse love of paper goods and stationary. I have been dazzled by fine paper for over ten years. What is new is my transition from my regular boring old Crane & Co. stationary to my current attempted transition to unique woman made paper goods. I've got my non wonky eye on Dacia. I love what she is doing. Her paper goods are lovely.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Where has this been all my life? Look at this. LOOK!

Smitten Kitchen is one of the few blogs I read everyday. I make a ton of Deb's recipes. A ton. I make the tomato onion butter sauce weekly. Recently while I was awake for one of C's rare late night feedings I was googling and came across the iced coffee blog post on Smitten Kitchen. The recipe was originally posted on The New York Times and I have zero idea how I missed it.

I have been making iced coffee at home the ghetto way by letting my hot coffee cool. Previously I had heard about some contraptions that allow for cold brewing but the thought was fleeting. As it turns out all I needed was one of my trusty Mason jars, a sieve, and a coffee filter. I make this concentrate daily using whichever coffee I have at home at the moment. Currently I am using Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast.

This find could not have come at a better time since the only coffee shop within walking distance from my house closed down. I am saving money and drowning in an abundance of amazing, delicious, and homemade iced coffee. It is so fabulous.


smitten kitchen coffee


Camel Colored Shoes

I need a new handbag and am scouring the universe for a nice camel colored one. In the meantime I have found some shoes I love at Aldo. I love their shoes. They are cheap and true to my size. Oh and the heels are HIGH! I love love love super high heels. I will be ordering them pronto. Where will I wear them you ask? I dunno. I will probably vacuum the house in them.




What are you loving right now?