Things That Got My Goat This Week


I subscribe to Williams-Sonoma emails because...well I do not know why. I used to shop there fairly frequently until I realized they sell the same exact thing everyone else does but add a fancy finish, an Italian sounding name, and a $200 fancy tax to their products. Once I realized I was being ripped off I stopped shopping there as often. I do still go there on occasion for example when I need vanilla bean paste and the local store is out.

One recent email was telling me how wonderfully priced the Shun Edo Dual-Density 8" Utility Knife is. It is on sale this week only! $199.95! If you take into consideration the fact that the knife usually costs $250.00 it is a pretty good deal but seriously? It is a recession right? A Williams-Sonoma recession is different. WS never used to send sale emails with the frequency they do now. I know as I have been a subscriber for at least five years. Now I get one everyday! So Sonoma is hurting as evidenced by the barrage of sale products but they aren't hurting enough to let me get this fancy looking knife that is good for God knows what for $50. Okay got it.

Shun Edo Dual-Density 8" Utility Knife

Dear Williams Sonoma do not send me emails about your awesome bargains until they are actual bargains! $150 for a non stabbing knife is just too steep when I am already in possession of some perfectly adequate Wusthof knives.

Bloggers & Fake Mustaches

I do not get it. Can someone please explain the whole bloggers wearing fake mustaches thing? It is totally cute but I do not get it and want an explantation. As my son would say "Peeeeeeeez". Side note: How adorable are these?

Mustache Baby Booties Etsy

The Royal Wedding

I may be in the minority here but I could not care less what the British Royals are up to and wish our pathetic excuses for news outlets would stop paying attention to them. There are revolutions taking place, natural disasters, and countless other more worthy things to report on. I do not care about an unfortunately prematurely balding (why is he still holding on? He would look good bald!) dude and his average looking fiance getting married. I really don't. With the current state of the UK economy one would think they would know better than to attempt a diversion with this stupid wedding. I have seen recent UK student protests and I must say they do not mess around. It is admirable the ferocity with which the students protested the proposed cuts to higher education budgets. The UK is interested in saving money at the expense of hard working students but can afford security details for this dumb wedding? Really? Lame. The Queen got my goat.

What Got Your Goat this week?

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