Things That Got My Goat This Week - Link Up!

It is Thursday and over in my neck of the woods that means one thing: It is time for "Things That Got My Goat".

Lazy People & Shopping Cart Corrals
I hate lazy people in all forms. I really do. Being lazy every once in awhile is fabulous and all hard working people deserve all the lazy time they want or need. I am talking about people too lazy to return their carts to the shopping cart corral. Seriously. Is it that freaking hard? 
Lately I have been staying in the car with sleeping babies while my husband does the food shopping which gives me time to observe these wretched creatures in their natural habitat. Last weekend I witnessed a man that was two parking spots away from the front of the store/corral leave, I mean push, his shopping cart into the adjacent HANDICAPPED spot! I was beyond pissed. 
I thought about running out of the car at full speed, lifting the cart over my head, and hurling it through his windshield. My sister talked me out of it (we were texting at the time). It was not a good idea for several reasons: I did not want to leave the kids alone in the car in the event that I got arrested and my husband was still in the store (good mom) and I doubted my ability to send a shopping cart hurling at a minivan (need to hit the damn gym). 
People: Get off your asses and return the carts to where they belong! Otherwise they take up parking spaces and/or roll through the lot scratching up people's cars. Jerks. 
Me in a shopping cart in San Diego. That's what I do on vacation.
Ride in shopping carts.
I finally have a use for this picture!
McDonald's New Englander Coffee Commercials

I am a super New Englander. I have lived in NE my whole life and love it. All of it. I never say packie, bubbler, or Newyorkachusetts. I hate these stupid regional commercials. Don't even get me started on the candlepin bowling one. As if anyone in NE REALLY cares that much about bowling. 
We don't because we have the best sports teams in the universe (sorry I had to. Go Pats/Celtics/Bruins/Random PeeWee football). 
Oh and I do not speak like that! I do not have that God awful accent that Ben Affleck has convinced the world New Englanders have. Thanks a lot Ben you freaking turd.
Oh and I do say jimmies. Sprinkles? Nah JIMMIES! 

Michael Vick Whiners
Now everyone knows I have a perverse crush on Tucker Carlson. Okay maybe you didn't know. Don't judge me I find his ridiculous brand of bow-tie wearing idiot nonsense very appealing and sexy. Well I did until recently: Execute Michael Vick?
I am really sick of listening to people bitch about the fact that Vick has made a comeback. I love dogs. ADORE dogs. I HATE what he did but he is sorry and he paid his debt to society. Period. He is a tremendous athlete and the Eagles are fortunate to have him. 
This picture proves I love dogs.
My issue is with the hypocrisy of the situation. Where were all the women that are bitching that Vick killed cute fuzzy dogs when Ben Roethlisberger was out pointing his d*** at anyone poor woman in his general vicinity? Don't have a problem with that do you?
Dog fighting is awful. A man went to jail, paid his debt to society, and is trying to move on. So should you. How about you direct your outrage toward a piece of shit athlete that sexually assaults women. Big Ben is still out and about as if nothing happened and he has been accused several times.
So there you go. Something of substance for you to be angry about. You're welcome hypocrites.

What Got Your Goat This Week? 
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